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CEO Message

Salma Akter

Adviser on Urban Waste, Energy, Agriculture Nexus and social inclusion

Ms. Salma Akter, an accomplished professional with over two decades of experience, is set to lead as the CEO of Waste and Circular Economy Advisers. With a strong background in sustainable agriculture, urban waste, and water management, Ms. Akter has emerged as a leading expert in the nexus between these critical areas. Her extensive career reflects a commitment to promoting sustainable practices, with a particular emphasis on social inclusion. Ms. Akter’s expertise lies in the intersection of urban waste, water, and agriculture. Throughout her career, she has spearheaded numerous projects aimed at developing and implementing sustainable waste and water management systems. She has played a pivotal role in advocating for the use of waste and water in agriculture while ensuring that these practices are socially inclusive. Ms. Akter has been a champion for gender equality, actively empowering women and marginalized communities in sustainable agriculture, waste, and water management initiatives. Armed with an MSc in Horticulture, Ms. Akter seamlessly integrates scientific knowledge into her work, particularly in the development of sustainable agriculture practices. Her contributions encompass diverse projects, including agroforestry, intercropping, and the sustainable utilization of soil and water resources. Her dedication to sustainable agriculture, waste, and water management has earned her recognition both nationally and internationally. In addition to her professional achievements, Ms. Akter is deeply involved in community initiatives, furthering the cause of sustainable agriculture and waste and water management practices. As she takes the helm as CEO, Salma Akter brings a wealth of knowledge, a strong commitment to sustainability, and a vision for inclusive and impactful environmental solutions.

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