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Site selection or assessment for making your biogas

Biogas plant in Gaibandha designed by Author and supported by Practical Action and UNICEF

Site selection/ assessment for making your biogas, the following points should be kept in mind:

  • First of all you should have passion to build and operate the biogas plant.
  • The site should facilitate easy construction works. The selected site should be such that the construction cost is minimized.
  • The selected site should ensure easy operation and maintenance activities like feeding of plant, use of main gas valve, composing and use of slurry, checking of gas leakage, draining condensed water from pipeline etc.
  • The site should guarantee plant safety. Otherwise fencing is required.
  • To make plant easier to operate and avoid wastage of raw materials, especially the dung/swine manure, plant must be as close as possible to the sources of biomass. That will make your life easier to make plant operational. If a readily available supply of feedstock or water or both is not available, then the biogas plant should not be installed.
  • The site should be in slightly higher elevation than the surrounding. This helps in avoiding water logging. This also ensures free flow of slurry from overflow outlet to the composting pit.
  • For effective functioning of bio-digesters, right temperature (20-35°C) has to be maintained inside the digester. But you can get biogas even higher or lower temperature. For proper function of the plant, the optimal temperature has to be maintained in the digester as planned. 
  • Gas pipe length should be kept as short as possible. A longer pipe increases the risk of gas leaks because of the increased number of joints; the cost of a longer pipe is also a factor. The main gas valve should be opened and closed before and after each use, therefore the plant should be as close as possible to the point of use to facilitate proper operation.
  • The edge of the foundation of the plant should be at least two meters away from any other structures to avoid risk of damage during construction. But if it is portable, you do it even at the rooftop.
  • The plant should be at least 10 meters away from groundwater wells or surface water bodies to protect water from pollution. But if it is leak proof, you can do it anywhere.

Author: Mahobul Islam Plabon, WASTE & Bio Energy, Green Enterprise & Circular Economy Specialist

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